JULIET by Juliet Stewart

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This is my motto and my personal philosophy. It is an idea that is most important to me and one that I want to share with you. This perfume seeks to express, in the creative form of a new fragrance, the essence and personal importance of my motto.

“Juliet” is a fragrance that is inspired by the precious ingredients I have blended together and used for many years; it is a fil rouge, the thread that runs through my life: a true constant. I use it to find myself whenever I am about to get lost, or when I do get lost, in all the things that fill a life. It is the perfume that helps to ground me and lifts me at the same time.

I have come to know myself through this perfume… I hope that you will enjoy the same experience or better yet, create your own experience, which I know will be unforgettable.

Remember: It is my fragrance that chose you.

My message is simple: Embrace your individuality. What is beautiful is what is unique in you… and what speaks uniquely through you...

Be Unforgettable… Own Your Beauty.

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