JULIET by Juliet Stewart

Juliet Stewart Black and White Portrait

“The wisdom I gained from women of all walks of life is a priceless gift to me today… it has allowed me to do business not only intelligently but compassionately as well.”

Juliet Stewart brings to her work an Italian sensibility. She is a native of Italy who came to the United States as a young woman. Her creations for each individual woman are timeless and unforgettable.

With over twenty years in the industry, Juliet has practiced make-up artistry at its highest levels. Juliet's experience includes a position with Lancôme Cosmetics responsible for sales, training and events. As the National Make-up Artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Co.), Juliet worked throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia during a ten year period; four years as the National Make-up Artist exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue. Although she resigned in 1999, from Prescriptives Cosmetics, Juliet was asked by the president to return. She became the Senior Make-up Artist with her own private make-up studio in the New York office. Her task was to create a high profile clientele. Juliet was so effective and respected that she was featured by Prescriptives in a national TV commercial.

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